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Pass your OET or IELTS exam!

Established in 1988, we provide English training courses for medical staff to pass their OET or IELTS exams
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What you, our customers, say ...

"It was a wonderful experience"
Dr SH (4 week online, May 2020)

"Everything went perfectly!!! Would 100% recommend Kingsway Medical"
Dr MS (8 week online, March 2020)

"The way our teacher taught us was just excellent, made everything clear & easy to understand. Everyone is very helpful and friendly. I found everything perfect!" SK (Masterclass, February 2020)

"Good teacher, very kind and straightforward. All the staff are lovely" OK (Masterclass, February 2020)

"I passed my OET exam in 1st attempt ... Thanks a lot ... Say thanks to my teacher for her guidance and support" TM (In-School Intensive, 31st January 2020)

"The quality of the teaching was 10/10. The staff were very friendly and helpful. Very good teacher" ER (Masterclass, January 2020)

"I just wanted to share my happiness with you. I passed the OET test. I'm really happy now and this is a good start to 2020. I've always felt your support on my endeavour. I can't thank you enough to you. Again, thanks for your sincere help." Dr HE (8 week online, January 2020)

"Caroline is the best & her effort to pull me up was wonderful. Kingsway staff are truly warm-hearted." Dr GPS (In-School Intensive, December 2019)

"Kingsway has given me confidence to move on and learn more. The course was better than expected, rather THE BEST!" Dr BS (In-School Intensive, May 2019)

"Outstanding teaching and very supportive staff. I honestly find Kingsway perfect in all areas. You are really an outstanding English and professional school." Dr NB (In-School Intensive, May 2019)

"Personal attention from the staff members make you feel confident despite the stress of the OET exam. Your hospitality was especially good. Friendly and generous reception and entertainment of all of us." ASC (In-School Intensive, May 2019)

"Hope this email finds you well, I have passed my OET and would like to thank you with all my heart. I never would have cleared the writing without your help. I am attaching my results photo to this email. The top four are my latest results." Regards, Dr SA ( In-School Intensive, April 2019)

Kingsway Medical supplier to the NHSAt Kingsway Medical we are proud to partner the NHSKingsway Medical supplier to the NHS

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Work for us : We are looking for experienced IELTS and OET teachers to work around the UK. If you want to join one of the top English training organisations we would like to hear from you. Visit for more information.

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