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OET In-School Course Application

Please fill in the application form once for each student. Hospital details and Agency details only need to be filled out if appropriate, otherwise leave blank. Please read our Terms & Conditions before applying.

If you need a UK visa

UK VisasIf you need a visa to come to the UK we can write a letter of support. You should fill in the application form as usual. We will send you a pro-forma invoice for your course fees and accommodation which must be paid in full before we send you the visa support letter. If you do not receive your UK visa we will refund all your money less any bank charges / courier charges.

Personal Details for Student

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Course Details

Please follow the dates given on the course page if possible. We give you the option to choose slightly different dates in case you want to join a course later than the published start date. Enter the course number if appropriate.

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Accommodation, Medical & Dietary Information

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Hospital details (if applicable)

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Agency details (if applicable)

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Media Consent

During the course we some times take pictures and videos in for promotional materials! Please can you let us know if you are happy to appear in photos and/or videos for this purpose?

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